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“I was six years old and the teacher told me I was going to get a prize on this special day. Some people were going to come to school, and I had to go up on the stage and curtsy to them and say, ‘Thank you.’ I had to practise this for weeks. On the day, I went up on the stage and did just as I was told. Then the nice woman gave me a whole pile of books tied up with a ribbon.

I was so pleased. We didn’t have any books at home and I loved reading. I could hardly believe it.

I should have known better. When I came off the stage, the teacher took the books from me. The prize had been given to me for what I had done, but she was going to keep them for the class. I felt so cheated when she put them away in the cupboard. Maybe I was being selfish, but I did want those books so badly. To me, it just wasn’t fair. I think it’s why I now go to the library so often and why I buy so many books.”

— Gilda O’Neill, East End Tales


The Road to 1945
Paul Addison (1994)





The-Coloured-QuarterThe Coloured Quarter
M. P. Banton (1953)





Canon-BarnettCanon Barnett: His Life, Work and Friends
Henrietta Octavia Barnett (1918)







Discovering Women’s History – A practical manual
Deirdrie Beddoe (1983)





Matchgirls-strikeMatchgirls Strike 1888 – The Struggle Against Sweated Labour in London’s East End
Reg beer (1971)

National Museum of Labour History Pamphlet




Annie-BesantAnnie Besant – An Autobiography
Annie Wood Besant (1893)





London's-East-EndLondon’s East End – Point of arrival
Chaim Bermant (1975)





Hopping-Down-in-KentHopping Down in Kent
Alan Bignell (1977)





The Pearlies
Pearl Binder (1975)






Life-and-LabourLife and Labour of the People in London
Charles Booth (1889)







Toynbee-HallToynbee Hall – The First Hundred Years
Asa Briggs and Anne Macartney (1984)







Keep Smiling Through
Susan Briggs (1975)






Pearly Kings and Queens in Britain
Peter F Brooks (1974)









Hops: Botany, Cultivation and Utilization (World Crops Series)
Burgess A.H. (1964)






Pie 'n' Mash

Pie ‘N’ Mash : A Guide to Londoners Traditional Eating Houses, J.Smith & Sons (1995)

The East End of London

   The East End of London, Millicient Rose (1973)



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