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Contact & Gilda Street Trust

The Gilda Street Trust was set up in 2013 to promote Gilda’s life’s work as well as passion for oral history. In particular to involve individuals and communities in “owning” their own histories and telling their own stories. The Trust will develop and facilitate these initiatives.

We present a first version of an experimental “oral history toolkit” funded by the Gilda Street Trust. This exploratory “oral history toolkit” was created with designers from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and is specifically designed to be embryonic. The next stage is to gather the thoughts and comments of visitors, both those who knew Gilda and those interested in developing the toolkit. Please “leave a reply” below.

Click the image to view the toolkit or click here to see the text only document.

gilda street_ilust_pretodta

All rights to the copyright work of Gilda O’Neill are reserved to the beneficiaries of her literary estate.  Rights requests and permission requests to quote from her work in publications should be directed to her literary agents Curtis Brown Group Limited at

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